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March 29, 2013 at 8:18 pm #345

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Want your San Diego business’s website to come up higher in search results? Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to do this. With search engines such as Google constantly changing their algorithms they use to determine what sites come up highest in search rankings, it’s important to regularly revisit your site’s SEO to make sure it’s as optimized as it can be. Here are some tips to keep your site’s SEO up to date:


  1. Use images. High-quality images—of your products, you and your employees, your location, or used in your blog posts—have the potential to drive traffic. Image results are eye-catching in search. To maximize the SEO of your photos, make sure you use keywords in the descriptions, filenames and/or tags for each photo that you add to your website.
  2. Add video. Video is surging in popularity online, which means videos can help your site skyrocket to the top of search results. Again, make sure your videos’ titles, descriptions and tags contain relevant keywords for best results. Maximize the videos’ power by creating your own YouTube channel and sharing them there to drive traffic to your website.
  3. Keep your keywords current. The keywords you want to be found for may change as your business grows, your products and services expand or your company changes focus. Regularly revisit your keywords and check out the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to see what keywords are popular. You want to hit the sweet spot with keywords that are popular search terms, but not so generic or popular that they’re hard to rank for. To improve your SEO, consider using longer keyword phrases (“San Diego men’s hair salon” instead of “hair salon,” for instance). These more specific keyword phrases will be easier to rank for.
  4. Build backlinks. Try to get high-quality websites such as industry publications or influential bloggers to include links to your website on their sites. You can do this by sending them press releases or developing relationships so that you become a resource for them and they write articles about your business. You can also offer to write guest blog posts in return for having a link at the end of the article. As you build backlinks, focus on quality, not quantity—sites that simply list links to other sites are viewed by search engines as spammy and aren’t likely to build your SEO.
  5. Get social. Having a presence on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ helps build your rank in search results. Make sure your website links to your social media accounts and vice-versa. As more people talk about you and share your content, this helps improve your San Diego website’s search engine rankings.


By using these tactics and refreshing your San Diego’s business SEO on a regular basis, you’ll soon see rewards as your site ranks higher and higher in search engine results.



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