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November 28, 2012 at 7:22 pm #270

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If you are starting an ecommerce website for your San Diego business, beware of these 6 common website design mistakes that can hurt your chances of success.


  1. Making users wait too long. With images and graphics, it’s common for ecommerce sites to take a long time to load. Try to keep your home page and other core pages fast-loading so users won’t click away. As customers get deeper into the site, they’ll be more forgiving of slower load times, but you still need to keep it as fast as possible so shoppers don’t change their minds.
  2. Ignoring compatibility issues. You want your website to be compatible with multiple browsers so users can access it no matter what type of computer they’re using or what browser they choose.
  3. Not making it mobile-friendly. Customers may not always buy on their mobile phones and tablets (though a growing number do), but they increasingly want to research products on these devices. Don’t limit yourself by making your site impossible to navigate on a mobile device.
  4. Failing to get feedback. If the only people who are looking at your website before it launches are on your team (or married to you), you’re making a big mistake. Enlist real users from your target market. Have them click through the site on their own, see how intuitive they find it, and ask for their honest feedback on what they like or don’t like.
  5. Skimping on photography. Poor quality product shots will make customers suspicious of the quality of what you’re selling. Especially if the items are unique and not things that customers may have already seen in real life, they need to be able to see clear, appealing photos to make a decision.
  6. Getting complicated. Even on shopping sites, simplicity is key. (Consider today’s relatively streamlined eBay website as compared to the busy design the site had five years ago.) Today’s modern ecommerce website design incorporates ample white space, icons for actions and high-quality photos. Even if you need to include a lot of product information, such as technical specs, you can still keep it simple by including links or dropdowns that users can click on or expand to get the details, keeping the main page clean-looking.


Avoiding these common mistakes will put your San Diego business on the road to an ecommerce site that works.


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