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October 19, 2012 at 1:28 pm #222

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Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business Website


You’ve finally decided your San Diego business can’t go any longer without a website. One of the most important elements you’ll need to decide on to get started is your business domain name.


A domain name (or URL) is the “” address people will type in when they’re looking for your business website. Since the Internet is the primary way people look for companies today, you need to pay as much attention to selecting your business’s domain name as you did to choosing your business name in the first place. (In fact, if you’re starting a new company, you may want to base your business name on what domain names are available).


However, your domain name does not have to be the same as your business name. In fact, there are so many websites on the Internet that if you’ve been in business for a while without a website, there’s a pretty good chance your business name is already taken as a domain name.


To see if your business name is available as a domain name, visit a domain registrar such as Do a search for the name you want, and you can see if someone else already has the domain name, or if it’s available. In some cases, the name may be owned by someone else, but up for sale if you want to pay the price they’re asking.


If the domain name you want isn’t available, you’ll have to find some sort of variation on the name. For example, if your company is called ABC Roofing and is taken, you might try or or


Try to avoid buying a business name ending with anything other than “.com.” You’ll see “.net” and “.biz” options, but “.com” is the standard, so it’s better to change your URL and have a .com suffix than use the name you wanted with a lesser-known suffix.


Keep your domain name short and simple as possible. Stick to letters and numbers–avoid adding hyphens, dashes, asterisks or any other elements that make it hard to remember or type in. In the example above, if you chose, you’re getting too long and complex for people to remember or type accurately. In fact, if your business name is lengthy, you might want to simplify things by using an acronym (maybe for our roofing company).


Ask friends and family what they think of your domain name so you can pinpoint any problems with the name before you buy it. You might not notice that the name you have in mind sounds funny when said out loud, or is tough to type.


Buying a domain name only costs about $15 a year. You’ll need to re-register the name every year to avoid losing it; most domain registrars let you set up automatic payment by credit card so you don’t accidentally lose your name. Since domain names are inexpensive, it’s a good idea to buy any related domain names you don’t want competitors to use.

To get more information about domain names and web design call us today.


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