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June 25, 2013 at 9:54 pm #432

Key Master

Do you want to draw more attention to your website or/ and business? Making use of the social media will help you do this. Today, merely having a website is no longer enough for your web presence. Maintaining a Facebook presence as well as having other social networks can be a valuable asset for your firm. However, you may be aware that a simple Facebook page will not command as much attention as a customized one. The good news is getting to customize your San Diego Facebook is not difficult.

Here are some creative ways to customize your Facebook business page.

  • Claim your vanity URL. Your vanity name should be easier to find and should be shareable. At your Facebook URL, you should add your company name and not a series of characters at the end of your URL. Your URL should read as; the username is the name of your company/ brand.
  • Create a unique welcome page. When considering to San Diego customize Facebook page, you need to add a few things on your landing page. Examples of things you can do include:
  • Showcase the testimonials of customers
  • Promote featured content
  • Provide product information

You should also encourage visitors to ‘Like’ your page. Set the custom welcome page as your ‘Default landing tab’. You can do this under the ‘Manage Permissions’ while editing your page.

  • Be creative with your photos. To customize Facebook, it is not necessary that every photo you use be the logo of your company. You need to get creative. Add eye-catching images and designs that entice visitors. Man will always be curious and any intriguing image you add to your page will compel more traffic. You need also to check that your photos are working well as thumbnails.
  • Make use of the photo strip. To customize your Facebook page, you must make the full use of the photo strip photo. You can use the photo strip to promote a campaign or spell out a word.
  • Showcase content from other channels. You can do this by making use of the Slideshare app on your Facebook page. You can add tabs to your page directing visitors to your other channels. You can add tabs for such channels as Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.
  • Customize post targeting. Not every post you add to your page will be relevant to everyone. You should therefore limit posts to display to the right audiences. There is a feature on Facebook that enables you to filter a post either by location or language.
  • Make use of the Notes and Events features. Notes will help you to add text, links and images so as to give more information to your customers. The events features will help you inform clients of promotions or sales.

As you customize your San Diego Facebook, you will only be limited by your creativity. The best thing is that you can outsource the service to an expert in the same.

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