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December 11, 2012 at 8:14 pm #286

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Is your San Diego business’s website making a good first impression? Think of your website as a salesperson for your business. What do customers or prospects think when they visit? Here are some areas to consider to see if your website is making a good impression, or if a new website design is in order.

Can they find it? If your site doesn’t come up high in search engine results, it won’t matter if it’s the best-designed site of all time—customers won’t be able to find it. Implement good SEO practices, use quality content with the keywords you want to be found for, and use online advertising and social media tools to guide users to your site even if they aren’t doing an online search.

Is it fresh? If your site looks outdated, has “Copyright 2005” on the bottom, or its last blog post was from 2009, users aren’t going to trust you as a reliable source of the latest products, services and information. In fact, they may even doubt whether your business still exists. Even if your site is mostly a “brochure” for your business and you don’t actually engage in ecommerce, you should check your site regularly (at least every 3 months) to make sure all the information (address, phone number, email, product and service information) is still current.

Is it mobile-ready? Today consumers want to interact with your site the way they want to do it—which might be on their phones in the morning on the way to work, on their desktops at the office, and on their tablets at night when they’re relaxing on the couch, It’s crucial that your site serve up quickly and easily wherever they are. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and works with all the browsers and platforms that your customers are likely to use.

Is it helpful? When customers have a question about something on your site, is it easy for them to get an answer? Does your search feature work? Do you offer a variety of ways to contact you such as email, a toll-free phone number and live chat?  Are all of these options clearly displayed? Can customers find shipping, tax and other key information before they engage in a lengthy checkout process? A FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is a great way to be helpful without having to answer a lot of calls and emails.

Is it pushy? If you ask customers to go through a lengthy registration process to do the simplest act (like leaving a blog post comment or requesting product information) they’re less likely to engage. Keep it to the bare-bones minimum you need to answer their question or vet their identity. In most cases a name and email (or just an email) will get you started and you can follow up for more details later if the customer shows interest.

Is it pretty? Appearances matter—successful salespeople are generally well-groomed, attractive and stylish, and your site needs to look good, too. Appealing stock photos or product photos, streamlined design elements and harmonious colors will all work together to create a good impression. Simple fonts on a white background are easiest on the eyes and encourage customers to explore your site at length.

Put it all together, and you’ll have a San Diego website that makes a great first impression.


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