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April 12, 2013 at 4:54 pm #351

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Is your San Diego small business advertising online using pay-per-click advertising options such Google AdWords or social media sites such as ads on Facebook? That’s great! But there’s another place you may not have thought of to advertise online that can be just as valuable: third-party websites.

Placing a display ad on a third-party website is a great way to break into online advertising if most of your customers are currently driven to your business by traditional methods such as newspaper or magazine ads. Why? Because these days, most newspapers, magazines and other print publications have an online component as well. You can often advertise more cheaply in the online version of the publication than in the print one; or, if you want to cover both bases, you can typically get a discount for buying both print and online ads. Because many print publication readers will also go to the online publication (to find additional information or dig deeper into an article or get updated news reports), you increase your chances of reaching both print and online readers by advertising online.

In addition to advertising on magazine and newspaper websites, of course, you can also place ads on online-only outlets that target your customer base. As with any type of advertising, the key is to find out where your customers are likely to be, and advertise there.

If most of your customers are local, you might want to place ads on a local newspaper’s website or a community blog.

If most of your customers fit a specific niche (such as moms of young children), you would want to place ads on sites that target them, such as “mommy blogs” or sites about parenting or family activities.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to advertise on the home page of a site to get results. It’s not only cheaper, but also more effective, to ask that your ad be placed on a page specifically targeted to your niche. For instance, if you’re a bar/restaurant owner advertising on the local paper’s website, it would be more effective to place your ad in the restaurant review or “nightlife” section of the paper rather than on the home page. This way, users will see your ad when they are seeking information about your type of business.

Just like placing print ads, you would contact the online outlet and ask for a media kit and advertising rates. Online outlets should be able to give you demographics of their audience and information about how many users they have, how much time users spend on the site and other details that can help you determine the value of the online advertising.

Because it’s important for your ad to catch the reader’s eye, make sure they are professionally designed and copywritten by people with experience in San Diego online advertising. If you don’t have that person on your team, outsource to a marketing firm or freelancer.




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