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November 16, 2012 at 9:49 pm #265

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Local Search

Are you relying on the paper Yellow Pages for customers to find your San Diego business? If so, it’s time you moved into the 21st century. Today, most consumers and businesspeople alike go online to search when they’re looking for a business instead of flipping through a phone book. If your small business isn’t listed in local search directories, they’re not going to find you.

Younger, more educated and higher-income consumers are more likely than other demographics to go online to find businesses, so if your San Diego business website is targeting these customers, you especially need to be listed in online Local search directories when they’re looking for places to eat, shop and spend.

Here are some steps to help improve your company’s results when customers search online for what you sell.

First, be careful when picking your domain name. If you want to come up top in organic search results (as opposed to paid search results), your domain name plays a huge role. For instance, suppose your business is called Glamor Locks Hair Salon in San Diego. If your domain name is, you won’t come up as high in search results as you would if your URL includes terms that your customers naturally search for. Try a domain name of “” and you’ll get much higher rankings. Why? Because customers are very likely to include “hair salon” in their search terms.

Next, register for all the local search directories you can find. There are literally hundreds out there, but some of the most popular and most-used are:


  • Google Maps
  • Bing
  • Microsoft Live
  • Yellow Pages
  • AOL Yellow Pages
  • SuperMedia
  • MapQuest
  • Yelp
  • Citysearch


While a few of these local search directories are paid, most of them are free to be listed.

Since there are so many search directories, you can improve your chances of success by using a service such as the one at to register your site for you, as well as keep your information up to date.



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