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February 4, 2013 at 10:42 pm #317

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So you’re ready to start selling your San Diego business’s products online and you want to launch an ecommerce website. What do you need to consider before you get started? Here are some factors to think about.

Choose a Strong Domain Name

The domain name is the URL such as http://www.websiteservice4all.com that customers either click on or type into their browsers to get to your ecommerce website. If you already have a business and you are just now adding ecommerce to the mix, you’d most likely want to choose a URL that’s the same as your business name. You can search domain names to see if that name is available for purchase. If it’s not, you might need to choose a variation on your name, such as shortening or abbreviating one of the words in your name, or using initials of the words.

It’s best if your domain name is short and memorable, as well as easy to spell so customers don’t get confused. When you find the perfect domain name, consider buying different variations of it (such as .com, .net and .biz suffixes) to avoid someone else buying those names and causing confusion with your customers.

Find the Right Internet Service Provider

A good Web host or Internet service provider should offer many options such as the ability to have a dedicated server for your ecommerce site if you expect a lot of traffic. This lessens the chance that your site will slow down if a lot of people are shopping at once. You should also make sure the company’s uptime is at least 99.9 percent. The last thing you want is for customers to come to your ecommerce site looking to shop, only to find out the site is down!

Choose Simple Shopping Cart Software

As the name implies, shopping cart software is what your customers interface with to pick products and put them in their virtual shopping carts for purchase. Shopping cart software calculates totals, including taxes and shipping charges, for you and enables customers to input payment information.

Use Proper Payment Processing

Your ecommerce website’s payment processing needs to be in order so customers feel safe using their credit cards or debit cards on your site. Features such as SSL (secure socket layer), encryption of sensitive data such as financial information, password protection and proper payment gateways can all help you meet PCI (payment card industry) standards to keep customers’ information and bank accounts secure.

Make It Work With Smart Marketing

If you build it, will they come? Not necessarily—you’ve also got to market your ecommerce website. Using proper SEO (search engine optimization), investing in online advertising such as pay-per-click or search advertising, and using email marketing to attract more customers and keep existing customers coming back are all essential to boosting your San Diego website’s sales.


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