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March 8, 2013 at 9:51 pm #335

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Whether you’re developing your San Diego business’s website for the first time, updating your website or simply adding new products to your online store, one of the most important components in successful selling is the types of images you choose for your website. The photos and videos you include can make or break your sales by attracting customers to place an order—or driving them away.

To ensure your San Diego website has the best possible photos, follow these guidelines.

Make it the next best thing to being there. When customers are buying online, they’re at a disadvantage, since they can’t pick up or touch the product. That’s why your photos need to be as clear and detailed as possible so they can recreate the feeling of holding a product in your hand. To do this:

  • Enable zoom or enlarge functions so that shoppers can zoom in to see the texture on a handbag or sweater.
  • Consider a rotate feature that allows shoppers to turn the product image 360 degrees so they can see it from all sides.
  • If your products come in different colors, offer (at minimum) color swatches or (ideally) the option to view the whole product in different colors.
  • Include photos of the product both with people (this helps customers to see scale or get an idea of how a garment fits) and alone (this helps customers get a more detailed view of the product’s features).

Consider adding video. More ecommerce websites are doing this now. Video allows shoppers who really want detail to see the product being held, demonstrated, worn or used. And some people just prefer video to still photos. (Bonus: Video can also help your site rank higher in search engine results.) If you do include video, make sure the models don’t just hold the product still, but also wear it, use it, touch it and otherwise “get active” to mimic what a customer might do in a store.

Don’t be cheap. Too many ecommerce sites are penny-wise and pound-foolish when it comes to photography. A bad, poorly lit or grainy photo will inspire shoppers to click away from your site and straight to the competition’s. If you need to hire a professional photographer to ensure quality product shots, do so—it’s worth the added cost. Look for someone who is experienced in catalog or ecommerce photography.

Create consistency with your brand. The style of photography you choose needs to match with your overall brand image as shown on your website. For instance, if you sell rough-hewn, “Made in America” home décor, you might want a bit of a nostalgic treatment on the photos or in the lighting. If you target college-age kids with snarky T-shirt designs, you might want models in goofy poses.

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