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December 11, 2012 at 7:48 pm #278

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Link exchange is one SEO tactic that you may hear mentioned as a way to help your San Diego business’s website rank higher in search engine results. While it’s true that link exchange can be a great search engine optimization tool, it’s important to be cautious as to how you go about link exchange.

Simply put, link exchange means trading links with other websites that are complementary to (not competitive with) yours. For instance, if you are a marriage and family therapist in San Diego and have a website, you might want to exchange links with complimentary businesses such as the website of a company that sells self-help books, a mediation counselor or a company that sells stress management products.

To do a link exchange, you would simply contact the owner of the other site and ask if they are willing to put a link to your site on their website in exchange for your putting a link to their site on yours. Link exchange has the added bonus of being free, which makes it appealing to small businesses on a tight budget when it comes to their SEO.

The risk in link exchange is that you can get carried away with it and end up linking to or having reciprocal links from a lot of low-quality sites if you’re not careful. If you have excessive link exchanges, it can even be a red flag to Google that your site is involved in what it calls “link schemes.” Read more about what constitutes a link scheme.

The best way to make sure your business’s link exchange efforts don’t backfire is simple: Create lots of good, relevant content on your website, and link only to websites of companies that do the same. By the same token, if someone asks you to put a link on your site to their site, check them out thoroughly before you do so. Think of link exchanges sort of like a referral. You wouldn’t refer your customers to another business you didn’t know anything about, or that you knew provided poor service or low-quality products, would you? Then don’t do a link exchange with a site unless you feel confident you could recommend its products or services to your customers.

In the example above of the marriage and family therapist, all of these are products that your patients might be interested in buying or need to help with their family or marital issues. That makes them relevant, which makes link exchange a good idea and a good way to boost your SEO.

If you do link exchange, be sure you regularly review the links you have to make sure that the company still exists, is still reputable and still has your link on their site. Outdated links will make your website San Diego look bad and reflect poorly on your business.



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