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November 9, 2012 at 7:45 pm #251

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Using Paid Search Advertising to Grow Your Business

One way to get more traffic to your San Diego business’s website is by using organic search—that is, using search engine optimization, linkbacks and other tools to drive traffic to your website “organically” by pushing your site higher up in search results. But there’s another way to increase your website’s traffic, and that’s by using paid search advertising to attract customers who click on your ads.

Small business owners who are getting more comfortable with online advertising are learning that paid search can get big payoffs for their websites. How exactly does paid search work? You pay for ads that are served up when customers input certain keywords into a search engine. Major search engines, including Google and the Yahoo/Bing network, all have their own paid search programs.

To get started, go to search sites and register your company. They’ll want you to provide basic information such as the keywords you want to be listed under, a description of your website San Diego and, of course, a credit card so they can charge you (it is “paid” search, after all).

In most cases you will need to write your own ad. For best results, use the keywords near the beginning; include a special offer or deal; use your company name; and hyperlink to an ad-specific landing page (not your business’s general homepage).

Choose keywords that work for your business and industry. You’ll likely want to use the same keywords you used in your SEO efforts to optimize your website for natural search. You can use Google’s AdWords tool, for example, to see how frequently keywords you’re considering get searched on.

Finally, you’ll need to bid on keywords. Your ad will show up in users’ search results based on how much you are willing to pay each time they click on your ad. The company that bids the highest “per click” will show up at the top of search results.

Don’t worry—as you’re bidding on keywords, you’ll see how much others are bidding, too, so you won’t bid way too much (or too little). Keep in mind that popular keywords are often very expensive, so your best bet as a small company is to really “niche” your keywords. For instance, “Italian restaurant” might be popular keywords but “northern Italian san diego pizza” might not be.  Get specific, and you’ll get better results for less.

If you’re worried about going broke on paid search advertising, don’t be. The good news is you can set limits on how much you spend so you won’t get any surprises.


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