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June 12, 2013 at 8:59 pm #424

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In the present day and age, the success of your business is determined by the information on your website. But what happens when a visitor is unable to load your website on his or her mobile phone? If your website has not been mobilized, prospective clients accessing your website using their cell phones will definitely give up. If you want to out-think your competition and lure more clients in, you must consider creating a website that is mobile friendly.

What exactly is a San Diego mobile friendly website? In the layman’s terms, a mobile friendly website is one that displays correctly on hand-held devices. The computers are being faced-off by such portable devices as iPads, smart-phones and iPhones. You need to make sure you are keeping up with the latest trends if you want to be ahead of the herd.

How can you create a good mobile friendly San Diego website?

  • Install mobile plug-in. If you are using wordpress San Diego, you can make your website mobile friendly in less than a minute. WordPress offers a range of plug-ins that can help you customize your website within minutes. All in all, before you install and activate the plug-ins, make sure your website is backed up. A wordpress designer will be of great help in this step.
  • Create smart navigation. When creating a San Diego mobile friendly website, you must consider the navigation. Your readers should have clear and distinct ways of getting the most important content. You can start by adding links to specific keywords and creating a comprehensive navigation menu. Ensure your readers never have to swipe from left to right to read a paragraph.
  • Create clear content. To make your mobile friendly San Diego website more successful, you need to use compelling headlines. You should grab the attention of your readers instantly. Your content should be straight to the point.
  • Refrain from using too many images and videos. Images and videos make your website heavy. They will cause your website to take longer to load and will definitely cost your readers more money to navigate your website.
  • Avoid Javascript and Flash. Not all devices will be able to serve up these technologies. Apple products, for example, do not support Flash.
  • Use good designs. Even though some design errors may be masked by the small screen, you need to ensure your San Diego mobile friendly website uses a good design. Your content should not be too cramped.

If you do have a mobile friendly San Diego website, does it show any call to action or contact details? Is this information on the right page – Front Page? Creating a mobile website is no easy task. The language used in programming may sound alien to you but with the help of a wordpress expert, you can hit your goals devoid of frustrations.

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