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June 12, 2013 at 9:24 pm #429

Key Master

Are you looking for an easier way of increasing traffic to your website? Google plus has solely been designed for this purpose. It is a product of Google, the giant search engine. For a better understanding of San Diego Google plus page, you need to look at it as the social media of Google. It is a place where individuals, businesses or brands can broadcast news and propaganda or connect with their fans or consumers. That having been said, how can you use Google plus pages to your advantage?

Here are the top reasons why you need to create a Google plus page.

  1. Be able to interact swimmingly with your fans or consumers
  2. Gain access to a wide range of Google products such as Android and Gmail
  3. Increase your search engine ranking
  4. Increase your sales volume

There are many more reasons why you should consider using Google+. However, to be on the safe side, you need to consult your wordpress designer on matters San Diego Google plus. Moreover, to harness the full power of Google+, it is critical that you learn a few things about creating an effective Google+ page.

There are four steps in creating a remarkable Google+ page.

   1. Get more followers

The first thing you will most likely need to do is add some friends, right? Adding a person to your Circles simply means you want to see their stream of updates. When you add them, they will be able to see and share your updates. Sharing will increase traffic to your San Diego Google plus page. There are several ways of adding new friends. These two are the most effective.

  • Add friends from suggestions. There is a suggestion area on the right hand side of your Google plus San Diego page. Make use of it.
  • Add friends from your email contacts. You can find the option of adding new friends by clicking on the ‘Circles’ icon which is located on the toolbar.

You can create as many circles as you want. The circles can fall in any classification such as Personal contacts, professional contacts or utility circles. If you need help managing your circles, the support of a wordpress expert will come in handy.

     2. Add a profile photo

When using Google plus San Diego, you will need to add a photo to your profile page. The usual avatar will not cut it. It has a low resolution and will appear grainy when sharing. You should get a high resolution photo. Get a photo that will serve as your brochure to the masses. Your company logo will be a great choice.

   3. Manage your security

Security in Google plus is very important. However, you should not let it limit your reach. Be careful when specifying the sections you wish to be visible to the public or to specific circles. Geo-tagging is very powerful. It backs your claims of being in a certain location. On the flip-side, you need to turn it off if you are security conscious.

    4. Add more life to your profile

Once your Google plus page San Diego is up, you need to test it. You can do this by viewing your page through the account of a friend. If it is not commanding enough, make some tweaks. You need also to seek advice from your friend or an expert in wordpress San Diego.

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