Why Online Advertising Is a Smart Idea for Small Businesses?

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November 28, 2012 at 7:28 pm #273

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Advertising online is rapidly becoming a “must” for San Diego small businesses. But some business owners are still intimidated by the idea of advertising online. If your San Diego business website hasn’t yet started to advertise online, consider these advantages that make online advertising a smart idea for any small business.

You can get started quickly. Unlike traditional advertising campaigns which require designing, developing and placing an ad in print or on TV, you can start online advertising in a matter of minutes.

It’s an “extra salesperson.” In traditional ads, you’re limited by space or time in how much information you can convey about your product or service. In an online ad, by contrast, all you have to do is get users to click and you can take them to a landing page with all kinds of information about your product or service. Ideally, your landing page is designed to get them to take additional action, whether moving through the pages of your site, contacting someone at your company or actually making a purchase, but the point is that you have much more leeway to convince users to buy your product in online advertising.

You can monitor results immediately. While traditional advertising relies on your asking customers where they heard about you, or making them clip ads or repeat codes so that you know which customer came from what ad, in online advertising tracking this information is simple. You can use analytics to monitor which customers are driven to your site by what ad, and even to see what actions they take once they arrive at your site. With all this information in hand, you can fine-tune your online ad campaign to perfection.

It’s relatively inexpensive. Compared to traditional media buys, online advertising is much more affordable for the budget-conscious small business owner. And with many types of online advertising, you can set limits (such as how much you’re willing to spend per day on a pay-per-click ad campaign) so you don’t go over budget. You can also see immediately if your ads are working, and stop if they’re not.

For these and many more reasons, San Diego online advertising is something every small business today should explore. What are you waiting for?

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